We are interested not only in pure metal but are also on the lookout for metal alloys, scrap, residues and chemicals containing the named substances, for example: 

  • Products containing cobalt, such as catalytic converters, permanent magnets, CoNiFe alloys, etc.
  • Polishing dust and chalcogenide glass containing germanium, etc.
  • Gallium arsenide ( GaAs ) wafers, broken crystals, gallium oxide Ga2O3, etc.
  • Tantalum pentoxide ( Ta2O5 ), tantalum hydroxide, condensers/anodes containing tantalum
  • Tungsten carbide indexable inserts, WC/Co

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you can offer these or similar materials. 

The following information is needed before we can draw up a quotation for recycling your scrap and residues:

the quantity
the form (e.g. blocks (size?), granules, film, tubes, dust etc.)
a substance analysis
the type of packaging
the point in time of delivery
and - if possible - a substance sample
•      details including possible specification numbers such as AVN and disposal status


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