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Welcome to Stachow-Metall

With many years of experience in the procurement of residues containing zinc and lead for industry, in 1988 Jost-Hinrich Stachow started his own business and in 1989 founded GMH Jost Hinrich Stachow GmbH.

Since then, the company has been involved in international trade with nonferrous metals and all their scrap and residues, together with ores and raw materials of all kinds and their corresponding treatment. The company also takes on commission or agency business for ore, metal and raw material trading, as well as providing advice regarding the evaluation, procurement, processing or distribution of metals.

Following on from an initial focus on the base metals zinc and lead, today the company's activities extend increasingly to rare, electronic and special metals.

Reliability, imagination and expertise has made GMH an internationally acknowledged partner for customers in the USA, Asia, Europe and the CIS, particularly when it's a case of procuring special materials or finding suitable uses for special scrap and residues.


GMH Stachow-Metall GmbH

Rosentorstrasse 15
D-38640 Goslar

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