We offer the following services, among others:

• Material recycling
• Notification
• Mediating business contacts
• Reprocessing, reconditioning
• Long-term raw materials recycling and disposal

Material recycling

Thanks to our many years of experience and our good contacts to industrial companies all over the world, we are in a position to organize appropriate, correct recycling of many residues. This not only protects local resources but also makes a contribution to environment protection and preventing valuable raw materials from being dumped up in landfills.


Cross-border transports of valuable raw material waste products are becoming increasingly difficult with a considerable administrative workload. Our quality management system includes special precautions for all-round appropriate procedures for the necessary notification of waste products designed as raw materials.

In this context, we offer qualified preparation before transport, insurance, implementation and on-going support for notification in an appropriate manner in all respects. As an acknowledged and certified waste management company for trading and brokerage, we are the reliable, quality-conscious partner for our customers when it comes to correct disposal of waste products containing nonferrous metal substances and thus valuable raw materials.

In cooperation with competent partners, these valuable materials are disposed of in an environment-friendly manner in accordance with statutory legislation and valid regulations, so as to preserve the raw materials. It goes without saying that records are kept consisting of the disposal or recycling certificates required by law.

If going beyond this you still have not yet found any recycling possibility for your waste products, we can naturally gladly assist you in your search.

Mediating business contacts

There are some substances in the nonferrous metal sector and corresponding scrap and residues which we do not deal with ourselves; here we can gladly put you into contact with competent partners. Please therefore do not hesitate to contact us with regard to materials not exactly fitting in with our particular range.

Reprocessing, reconditioning

In many cases it is possible to separate out the metal contents from corresponding scrap and waste products in order to obtain a valuable source of raw materials. Here we are gladly willing to proceed with corresponding reprocessing and will return the recovered metal contents to your production flow.

Furthermore, we offer advice and mediation for installations capable of reconditioning complex scrap such as composite and electronic scrap (containing aluminium copper and plastic).

Long-term raw materials recycling and disposal

Thanks to our varied and versatile contacts to industrial companies all over the world, we are in a position to offer long-term supplies of raw materials with consistent uniform composition and quality.


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