Recycling scrap and residues
The use and processing of metals generates recyclable scrap and residues containing metal which can be returned to the cycle as valuable raw materials, thanks to our recycling know-how. As waste management specialists not subject to storage obligations, we profit from our many years of experience and specific global contacts to industrial companies so that we can ascertain the necessary capacities and most effective recycling possibilities for the valuable materials, and make these capacities available to our customers.
In this way, the production process benefits from valuable raw materials offering extensive cost recovery while also fulfilling the demand to safeguard process materials. We also always keep records of what has happened to the materials as is required of a certified waste management company

Supplies of new metal
We also offer many different metals including lead and zinc as new metal for the production process when it comes to semi-finished products, sheets, panels, chemicals etc., or also as alloys for toolmaking, diecasting, strip galvanizing and piece galvanizing.
On request, we also supply and procure a wide range of rare metals in all conceivable forms and alloys.


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